This upgrade to Windows 10 has been anything but smooth for me. I am ready to pull my hair out!

Ever since doing the upgrade, whenever my computer starts up, the first screen has my name (and email address) and an Administrator listed in the bottom left hand corner. Why 'Administrator?!' I am the Administrator!

Tonight I tried to disable the need for a password every time I start my computer, and I did the latest update. Guess what?! I now have my name (and email address) and TWO Administrator accounts listed on the start-up screen! What's going on?

How can I set things to where I am the only User/Administrator on this computer, and no login password is required?

Same issue after upgrade from 8.1


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Did you possibly enable the so-called "hidden" Admin account in the earlier OS, or in Windows 10? This would probably result in what you are seeing. I do not have the second offer, but, would it not be possible just to delete the alternative account?
You can read more here:

How to enable the hidden Windows 10 administrator account - gHacks Tech News

P.S. Just came back to add. You lower your security quite a bit, if you do this.

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