Win 7 to 10 Upgrade stuck on "We've updated your PC"

Like the title says, I'm stuck just after final restart of the upgrade, when it gets to the series of screens that say "We've updated your PC", "All your files are exactly where you left them", etc. My computer has been sitting on the first message for well over an hour. I thought maybe it was doing something, but the activity light on the front isn't showing anything, and this is quite a fast computer, so I would have expected it to be finished by now, anyway.

I'm completely out of ideas. The mouse and keyboard don't work, and If I hard reset, it just goes back about 10 minutes in the process and gets stuck in the same place again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And of course 5 minutes after posting this, it seems to have done something. I'm not sure what, but at least now I'm not stuck at a black screen with some text. Now it's just a black screen with a cursor.

Edit 2:
And now, for no reason at all, it appears to be working. Well done Microsoft. Well done...

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I'm glad you got back to your desktop. I do recommend backing up your documents and doing a fresh Windows 10 install, it seems to work better that way as with most Windows upgrades unfortunately.


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You have encountered the I wish they would blink something so I know it's still working error.
I have seen this on a few machines and have no good answer some move right along and others do this should I reboot or leave it alone thing. Glad you were patient enough to wait, otherwise you may have corrupted the install and/or the OS.

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