Win 8 CP Shutdown and Restart shortcuts and Tiles


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That's the way that I feel, use what works best for each user. Security isn't a all-in-one package for everyone. If there were such a thing, that would block all bad code, either a single software, or multi-layered approach, that worked 100% of the time for all, we'd all go for it.

I've yet to find any single solution that catches everything 100% of the time, but with my combination on Windows 7 (& below) & Windows 8 CP (a different approach), does quite well. I've checked behind all, with different online scanners, no bad code has been found.

What works for each user, that he/she feels comfortable with, and will keep updated/configured & used properly, is the best approach to each users unique security needs. I've seen many arguments over security in many different forums & other articles, and I choose to stay away from them. It's all a matter of personal preference.

The same with Windows Backup & Defrag software, many users choose from a variety of paid & free software for these also.


We only need "ONE" that works (fast and efficient)
I have mine. :)


Thanks, 'CJ'; always good to have various options... ppl can go w/ what is most 'comfy' for them IF they know the choices. Oft more than 1 way in computers. Good info, mate :encouragement:


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