Windows 10 blue screen - BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO

Upgraded to Windows 10, getting blue screen error: BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO

Decided to upgrade my Dell laptop to Windows 10, was running 7 on it. The install process seemed to go smoothly up until I had to login for the first time. PC would crash every time I input my password or click next.

I ended up downloading the Win10 usb install option to see if I could repair installation, did not work - now it boots into the blue screen error BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO

Anyone had a similar issue? Is there a work-around I can do via the CMD? Hard drive is okay from what I can tell since I can boot into Ubuntu and see all my windows files.

Cannot even start up in safe mode, it crashes :O


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Can you give any specifics about your system or how you upgraded? Did you set a PIN? Are you using multiple OSes?

What I can tell you now is I used Windows 10 on a 12 year old Dell Inspiron laptop and it ran fine.

Have you been offered the Recovery Options?

That error, bug check code 0x74 seems to be related to XP... or I found the wrong reference.

Bug Check 0x74: BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO - Windows 10 hardware dev

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