Windows 10 crash, Install Windows 7, Can't verify my Version of 7...

So I have Windows 10 on my old laptop and one day it just crashes. I fiddled with it for a few days and couldn't get it to work so I just wiped the hard drive. I have another copy of Windows 7 Professional and I used the disk to install the OS, however I did not want to use the product code because I need it for another system in the near future. Now, I get messages prompting me to input a product code and was wondering if someone from Windows could possibly help me with this issue. Thanks.

Just put the product code then.
You can see your product code under your laptop near the battery in the colored paper.

That didn't work....


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This site is not affiliated with Microsoft in anyway. If you don't have a product key you will need to purchase one online or it may even be cheaper to buy a cheap laptop from a pawn shop with the key still intact on the bottom.


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yes, I agree.


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It might be worth reading this thread on the legality of buying keys online:
Buying Microsoft keys online

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