Windows 10 S Version and Microsoft Defender Web Protection


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I have a Windows 10 S laptop purchased this year. Today I checked the Windows Defender settings - Firewall and Anti-Virus is turned on but Web Protection shows "No Providers". There does not seem to be a provision to select or add any service provision to “defend” the Web. I am thinking that as the OS is an "S" version of Windows the protection may already be in place. Do Forum users know whether I should have some form of Web protection showing and if so, how do I turn this on or do I not need this service operating. With Windows 10 S there appears to be very little or any adjustments and changes that the user can make to Defender as the purpose of the S version is the maintenance of security! I have attached an image of how the screen presents this information for reference. Kindly advise - thank you .
Windows 10S Defender.JPG


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As a cyber security professsional I would always recommend defense in depth (or multiple layers). You can install a product, but it needs to register with the WSC service on the computer to show with in Windows Security.