Windows 7, 64 bit. crashes computer. NO BSOD, only screen freezes and Manual reboot is needed.

Gaming and WEI Crashes are induced by conflicting memory allocations between active processes and shared video memory. This happens when running WEI and high resolution video games like Steam. The problem may have been fixed once but that section of the code could have inadvertently over written at some point. Regardless the problem exist now July 20 2010.

Black screen hard crash during video games and while running the Windows Experience Index. This happens very predictably in WEI. When it reaches the Directx tests. The last message issued within WEI is Directx ALU test message.
It happens consistently in the Half Life Steam games. Depending on the game activity it may taken up to an hour but it will crash. Using higher resolutions in gaming aggrivate the problem. The root cause is to be found in the Directx and the System/Video Shared Memory Management routines.

There seems to have been considerable miscommunication around this problem. This is probably because it happens at ring 0 (hard to catch since no traces are left without activating trace routines). Steam games run until enough activity fills the memory and conflicts with ram allocated to other system and users processes. The problem happens regardless of brand of advanced video card. Memory mangement routines are intended to restrict and unload resources. In WEI the symptoms are glaringly obvious and consistently induces hard crash when Experience Index program runs. It would be a really good idea to distribute are routine in Mr FixIt to check for and report back on this problem.

People have been reporting this problem world wide since last year. It has been said to have been fixed but has not. The symptoms can go dormant at lower video frame rates and lowering resolution. We need this problem fixed. Thanks.

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I found out of my problem.

An error on the Mainboard. (When it got to hot it crashed)

Replaced it and works atm. :)

Thanks for your help.

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