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A workstation that is on our domain at our church is consistently loosing fonts. The user of this workstation does heavy Photoshop projects and is constantly having to re-install the fonts that are disappearing. Usually how this is realized is when she tries to select Helvetica from Photoshop and its not there. When she goes to the fonts directory it's also not there. When she tries to re-install the driver it tells her that this font is already installed do you wish to write over it. She hits yes and the font is back but she literally has to do this at least once or twice a week.

We are running windows server 2008 R1, the workstation is running windows 7 professional 64bit and she has complete admin rights as of right now under AD.


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Does her machine currently have ALL Microsoft Updates? There was an update released awhile ago that could literally cause this issue, the resolution would be to make sure she currently has all of the latest Microsoft Updates. (wouldn't hurt to update Photoshop to latest available update for her version either)

Also running "sfc /scannow" is probably not a bad idea (run under Admin command prompt)

Downloading updates now, then will try to run the sfc cmd! Will post later as it happens once or twice a week.


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You're not the only person to have this issue, but I've never seen a clear single explanation as to why it happens, sometimes the fonts just get corrupted.

Josephur may well be correct, and getting you updates caught up will fix it.

But as a backup option, once you get the fonts all back in place, make a copy of the fonts folder and save it to another location on the hard drive.

If you find a font missing you can retrieve it from that folder, you only have to right click on them and select Install.

You can also select all of them and have the entire fonts folder restored, just tell it to not replace existing fonts and it will add all the missing ones or you can just overwrite the whole folder.

I do it because I have a zillion fonts (I'm a graphic designer) and when I go back to a job from several years ago, the fonts may not be there anymore.

I sometimes remove them to keep the numbers down and delete things that I should not.

This way I can always be back up and running in just a few minutes.


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