Windows 7 Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Download Available

Confirm both the filesize and MD5 checksum. WinMD5 Free - Windows MD5 Utility Freeware

(If it is not the same the download aborted prematurely)

I just wanted to let you know that I rechecked the first DL I did on the X64 and it was only 624MB in size, so I re-DL and it came back 903 or 904MB and it installed w/o a hitch, so I'm assuming that this is done now? When the official release from MS comes out do we just bypass or hide the release or what. Btw, thanks a million for all the hard work you all do to make our lives easier.:D
Thanks yall. :p I was able to download it on my second attempt. The first died at 400 Mb but then the md5 checksum checked out right on the second one. Plus I've burned a slipstream disk. The only thing I haven't done yet is apply the SP1 update. I wanted to make sure I have everything I need before I do it.
Hey Stuey,
When you are talking about "applying it" I assume you are referring to "Running" the update. I also had a corrupt DL on the first try. I did a second DL and that one was a full 904MB I'm pretty sure. I ran it from "Downloads" and it took a while but it seems to have gone in w/o a hitch and shows up in "Speccy" as "Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Build 7601". Speccy is just a system information viewer like Everest. It's simple and free.
I looked into this via the validation link posted here and it only links to public beta build... so I think it's been a bit of gun jumping happening over at Russia
Hi Mike
Sorry for being a pest, but if I don't ask I won't know. As I said before. I got the x64 sp1 installed w/o a hitch the 2nd time and I was browsing the forum and noticed the "Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit" available for DL and I was wondring if I should run this or what will happen when the MS update for the SP1 becomes available. Do I block it manually or hide it or just let it pass? There has to be a reason this blocker toolkit is available to us, right? If you could give me a heads up I'd greatly appreciate it or run a sticky or something to that effect. Thanks Brother for your hard work and advice.
The blocker tool is mainly aimed those opposed to the sp1 install, such as IT and the like that wish to test it before going ahead with lareg scale installs, oh and for people that are using beta builds.
EVERYONE should be AWARE that installation of this SP1 WILL REMOVE SHARING FROM SHARED FOLDERS!! (All but default Public).
I would expect that when SP1 comes to Microsoft Update it will check for updates and find that we already have it. I don't think it'll be a big deal and I don't think there's anything wrong with us having it now. I'm sure Mike came up with a legal download through his MSDN affiliation.

Mine is installed now. It didn't show any errors during the installation and said it was installed afterward. I guess that means it went well. :p
Hi everyone
Please forgive my ignorance but I've looked through this thread and I'm unsure of things.
Firstly can someone say in the most simple terms possible what the upside of installing SP1 and what's the down side.
The issue of auto updating, I have my settings set to inform me when windows update are available and I decide when it installs, are we saying this update sets everything to automatically update?
The blocker tool is mainly aimed those opposed to the sp1 install, such as IT and the like that wish to test it before going ahead with lareg scale installs, oh and for people that are using beta builds.
Thanks for the 411 Brother. I was hoping I didn't have to use anything else to hide this or block anything. Mine also installed w/o a hitch and what could possibly happen once the "so called REAL UPDATE" comes to us? I have the setting for me to be able to choose my updates before downloading them or installing them. So what do I do when it does come around? Just leave the checkbox blank?
Makes my system just fly! Thanks for posting this. Definitely worth the install!

Anyone want to tell me what to do since my ISP is a d*ck and blocks all P2P downloads? /:

When I go to add the torrent to Vuze it can't connect to either one seed or peer (just like with every other torrent, except the vuze updates through the program itself...) so does anyone have any ideas?

well I hope so, gonna get the torrent version off page one instead of the MS direct validation one, that said that installed and then said error on the final config stage before reverting, despite my rig having all previous win updates applied, and all apps closed and ran it in admin mode without AV enabled etc...strange. Least wasn't the MD5 check issue many are having I suppose.
Thanks, but I will wait for the official release.
My 7 runs perfectly as it is, so if it aint broke then don't try to fix it.

I have seen these types of leaked SP releases many times before over the years starting way back with XP & they are never ever what they say.
They always turn out to be internet myth & a figment of someones imagination. So I highly doubt that this is the final RTM release either.
The reality is that the TRUE final SP 1 release can only really come from the official Microsoft website as an official Microsoft download.

Maybe Pre- Final RTM would be more like it.
That link is for the RC and was supposed to expire in November last.

The MD5 sums don't match the RTM D\L that is the topic of this thread.
The actual size of each file is of course different as well.

The RC filesize for the 32 bit version is 539,681,488 Bytes

The RTM download from here is again 32 bit version is 563,934,504 Bytes

Running winver on my machine after installing the version that is the subject of this thread shows

Version 6.1(Build 7601:Service Pack 1) with no expiration.

The RC hash for the 32 bit D\L is 3501ccaf61bf440f3b5015d4eeccd2b8

The 32 bit RTM Torrent D\L in this thread is 4bf28fc00d86c936c89e2d91ef46758b
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