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I just installed a new Windows 8.1 on my laptop on a fresh HDD. I used the same log in as my desktop PC. It imported most of my settings from my desktop over to the laptop INCLUDING my wallpaper. I want different wallpapers. Is there a way to turn this feature off, or will I have to sign in on my laptop with a different MSN account?


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If you are talking about changing the wallpaper on your desktop, of the laptop.

Right click on the desktop, select Personalize, then click on Desktop Background on the lower left.

Browse for the image you want to use.

You can make it a slide show if you want.

I have images of all of the interesting cars I've owned and it changes every 20 minutes.



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No, that's not the problem. I have two separate computers. But they both use my email address to sign into them. If I change the wallpaper on one of them, it changes the wallpaper on the other one. I know how to change the wallpaper.


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As far as I know it can't be done. Just a wild guess but maybe by creating a second Microsoft account and using it for one of the computers might work.

Alright, that's what I was afraid would be the answer. Bummer. Thanks anyway!


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I have the same problem. The next time I do a clean install I will make a second account and try it.


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I guess the reason I don't run into this is because I don't log in with my Microsoft account.

I use a normal account log in on both of my computers so they don't really interact in any direct way.

I really didn't know that logging both in to the same Microsoft Account would connect them to this extent.

It's really pretty easy to set up a new user account unless there's a reason for using your Microsoft account for logging in.

I'm afraid I'm one of those "The less I have to do with Microsoft the better" people.



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To be clear… You can have more than one system on a Microsoft account but you need to be clear about which theme belongs to what.

For example, my work laptop (for technical reasons) has 8 & 8.1 on it as a dual boot… I use 8 at work for vmware and my desktop is the Chinese dragon theme that I downloaded from Microsoft but at home I generally use 8.1 with a custom space theme. The point is both systems belong to the same account i.e. I use the same e-mail, user name & password to sign in to them and they share all the online profile benefits | hassles.

Microsoft also allows what they now call a synchronised profile (in the old school language this is called a roaming account) & the idea here is that I can go to a friends' home and use her computer to sign into my Microsoft account… this gives me a limited profile and whichever background is set as default by me will always show up regardless of how many different computers I use on it.

p.s. A theme is a wallpaper background, sounds, icons etc

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