Windows crashed, now freezes at log-on except when in Safe Mode

mmkay, after doing that stuff, I booted in normal mode and it worked!
It didn't freeze on the welcome screen, and everything seems to be functioning properly.

So I should still look into updating my synaptics driver, and the Realtek HD Audio, I take it.

What was the problem? Something to do with Avira?

I'm happy to hear that his advice worked! And, if you need to perform an upgrade you should to obtain the new features!

I am having the same problem, except I cannot log into my computer after a windows update (no crash). It hangs after log in, but I can boot in safe mode ( + networking).

I found this thread and was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction. I tried doing a system restore which doesn't seem to have worked. Here is my msinfo32 file as instructed earlier in the post. Thanks in advance for any help!

Oh, one more thing. A couple of months ago my Realtek HD Audio built into the mother board stopped working. I currently have the device disabled in the device manager as no driver updates I cuold find fixed the issue.

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I can' read this but I will pass this on for you and see what they can. I will have them contact you as soon as they get some information.

I am having a similar issue. My computer froze and would not respond to alt + ctrl + dlt. I turned off the computer manually and then when I went to restart it it didn't get past the welcome loading screen. I then tried again going into safe mode and had to leave for work. I'm not sure if it was able to start up in safe mode. I will go home for lunch and see if it went into safe mode then I will post the above information. I am also running windows 7 x64 edition.

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