Windows does not recognize USB devices


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I am trying to shut down my old computer and transfer the files to my new computer. I have tried to use a USB transfer cable and also a flash drive to move the files. Anything inserted into any USB port does not show up in Windows Explorer, but if I go into an application such as Word or excel the drive shows up and I can communicate to the external drive. So does anyone know how I can get my computer to recognize a external drive. There are way too many files to transfer one at a time


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Are these desktops or laptops?


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Have you connected the flash drives and then gone to disk management to see if it's there?


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If both are desktops it is far easier to just connect the old drive to new pc making sure you use a higher port # and then just copy and paste off what you need.


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Check on your Windows Disk Management to see whether it is on the Disk Management. If it is recognized by the Disk Management, you may need to convert USB to the FAT file system so that it can be recognized by Windows XP.

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