Windows 'Expolrer' entry in Firewall. Not a spelling error.


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Looking at my Windows Firewall allowed programs I found 2 entries called Windows Expolrer - note the spelling of explorer. One of them is ticked for Home/Work, the other for Public.
Why are there two instances of this 'file' and more importantly, why can't I delete them?
I've searched the Internet to see if anyone else has this problem and nothing! There's also no file or folder with that name on my computer. I can probably delete the entries via the registry, but not sure I should yet. Anyone know what's going on here. Help much appreciated. Click thumbnail for full pic.

Wow....looks a tab bit suspicious to me....checking mine (albeit I'm running 8.1 Pro) I don't have either of those "miss spelled" explorer entries. I'd Delete them.


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Yes, thanks, it's very odd. Here's one of the registry entries: v2.10|Action=Allow|Active=FALSE|Dir=In|Profile=Private|App=C:\Windows\explorer.exe|Name=Windows Expolrer| I will probably delete these entries as it's probably the only way to get rid of them. I'll wait a couple of days and see if anyone knows more about it first.


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Just checked mine no entry like that one.


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I've deleted the registry entries but they're still in the allowed programs list! Also I can't untick anything on the public side of the page.!? This is very weird. The only reason I reverted back to Windows Firewall was because Comodo bluescreened a few weeks ago and temporarily damaged my network drivers so I've removed it although the registry entry cmdagent.exe won't delete (access denied). Any suggestions for a good windows 7 firewall. I'm thinking of using Bitdefender? I don't think I've got a virus on my computer, I think it's haunted! :numbness:

Since you had a BSOD, which may have caused some system file corruption, I'd would do a system repair with your the repair disc's you have created (or should have created).


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'should' is the word. :headache:

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