Windows 7 Windows Media Center and file access/permissions


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I have a problem with accessing files on a second internal hard drive that I believe is related to Media Center.

Running Windows 7 there were two file folders on my second internal hard drive that I store photos and videos in. I added those to my library in WMC and was able to view files via WMC, but the file permissions became locked. So, I had to go into each folder and subfolder to change permissions, etc. It wasn't easy and not every file was unlocked, but it was done. I was able to read every file in Windows and MOST files in WMC.

I recently reinstalled Win7. Now, the same two folders that WMC had persmissions issues with prior to the fresh install are not available to add to the library. AND now I cannot access those files via Windows.

I find it very odd that after the fresh install this happened (and to a worse degree) to only the folders that had permissions issues prior.

Anyone know of how I can take a look at this?