Won't Boot from DVD to install

Net, Lemme clarify.
You were having the exact same issues, so you made an iso file from the disc, and reburned it at 8X and it worked fine?

Hi i've been having the exact same problems too. I'm currently running 32 bit XP wishing to install 64 bit Win 7. The iso i burned onto my dvd gives me nothing but a flashing cursor for a few moments before it switches to my second boot priority. Same problems with my USB, extracted iso onto that and tried booting but same errors. Same errors trying to complete the boot process.

I'm currently toying with a particular idea right now so if i have any success in that i'll let you know but i'm pretty much in the same boat right now.

The fastest way to test whether an ISO is bootable is to load it into ImgBurn and see whether it registers Bootable.

Then select "Verify Disk" and insert DVD to see that the disk is bootable and verified against the ISO.

If not, reburn the DVD at 4x with Verify.

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