Yet more problems


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So I'll give intro of what I did in windows 10 before moving onto Linux as this is a Linux forum section.

I wanted to run a program in windows, I don't know why but I suspected it might have had a virus or malware in it. I had no intention of running it in windows but may or may not have doubled clicked it. Anyway windows went busy and I freaked out and clicked the reset button. Windows would no longer boot and it referred to the drive as being non-bootable. Then having put windows 10 onto a bootable usb, which took three attempts to get it to the window repair screen which is odd and slow, to see if it can repair the bootup I found that it can't. Upon starting up linux I get this, long list of error messages. BTW the bios takes ages to go through before it even gets to the bootloader menu which it didn't before. This appears only happened since I put the windows usb bootable drive on to see if the windows installer disk could repair it. GPartted sees no errors on the win 10 drive.


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This is generally a hardware problem. I would verify the drive cable is plugged in all the way, or try replacing the cable. It can also be a failing power supply