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update issue

  1. LuWii

    Windows 11 unable to get new updates on win 11

    all i get is this , no loading whatsoever, just this pause sign with nothing else img:
  2. P

    Windows 11 Windows 11 Update Error

    Hi, I'm trying to install Windows 11 on my Lenovo Yoga 720; I've ran the PC health check tool, it says it's compatible, I have the TPM and secure boot enabled; the PC downloads the update, installs it, but it needs to reboot, and the percentage of the update always goes to 90%, reboots again...
  3. Eldiablo696

    Windows 10 Windows 10 update version 1803 not stopping its download.

    Check the attached image. Its been almost 1 hour since the update download reached 100% and its not stopping. It already consumed double the data that is required for completing the update.
  4. Nebojsa

    Windows XP XP Pro KB954920 32bit kinda urgent

    Please if someone has or knows how and where to find KB954920 that is not included in XP SP3, I would appreciate so much if you are to post a link or upload to dropbox... This is the original page for that KB article, but it's not available for download anymore since they've cut support on XP...
  5. Karen Grube

    Windows 10 Forced Windows 10 update damaged my attached external USB hard drive

    I had a problem with a Windows 10 update process a couple of months ago that caused a USB-connected external hard drive to be corrupted and inaccessible. I was actually accessing the drive (searching for a file) when a Windows 10 update forced me to "shutdown and update." The system ground to a...
  6. NDRman

    Windows 10 Can't change a blank start menu Windows 10

    I got the previews and was doing fine until I got a preview which broke my sound so I naturally rolled back, however when I did, my start menu was empty and I can't add anything I tried changing the settings and can bring back the stuff like recent apps but I can't bring back options that...
  7. A

    Windows 7 Getting an error codes 800736B3 and 8000FFFF when updating windows 7

    As the title says i am receiving error codes Code 800736B3 and Code 8000FFFF when using windows update to update windows 7. There are 4 updates that I am attempting to install. How can I fix this?
  8. U

    Windows 7 If I don't install the new critical update?

    I will be away from my laptop for a while. It is on but it is plugged in to the charger and it is closed. It is not being used. So I have not installed the new critical update. Since my laptop is not being used, is it bad that I have not installed the update? Or does it not matter since it is...
  9. S

    Windows 10 Upgrading to Windows 10

    Hello. I am using Windows 7 Pro and I want to upgrade it to Windows 10. As far as I know, to do this I need to reserve my copy that will be available after 29th July(not sure if it's correct). In any case, there should be windows 10 icon in the right corner of taskbar. And the problem's that I...