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Windows 7 About to purchase wireless card....


New Member
Jan 15, 2009
Newegg.com - ENCORE ENLWI-G(2) IEEE 802.11b/g TPCI Standard Universal Add-in card Compliant with PCI 2.0 Wireless Adapter Up to 54Mbps Data Rates Supports wireless data encryption with 64/128-bit WEP standard for security, Supports WP

I need a new one since I am upgrading from xp and my d-link card is unsupported for even vista. I am beta testing the 64-bit version but I can not connect to the internet. My router is a b/g, so I am not concerned too much about having N. I am concerned about the drivers. how do you guys feel about its compatibility with 7. According to their website it has drivers for Vista 64 and i think they use realtek drivers.

sorry for my lack of technical knowledge. I would not normaly beta test but I am a student and it is part of a project.

Thank you