acer 3935 - 64bit ultimate - bt and wireless on and off constantly?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by jason4656, Oct 3, 2009.

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    well, I called them and they just asked you to send your notebook in.
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    I've also got the Aspire 3935, and have also encountered this issue.

    However I have also complained (several times) to Acer, and can summarise my experience and results here in the hope it helps.

    Initial complaint of the wireless and bluetooth dropping was met by Acer saying send the machine in. Outcome: replaced media board, updated firmware. Returned, and the computer still had the same fault.

    Follow on complaint: Acer advised that until they have attempted 3 x repairs, they will not consider a replacement or refund. Also advised that if I send it back again, and they find no fault, I will be charged a £60 fee. Sought legal advice as they are obligated to repair or replace a faulty item, and wrote a "letter before action" drafted by my friendly lawyer at work. Sent it to them. Result was send it back in. Found out local Acer repair location (Plymouth, UK) which fortunately was same city I was in. Took it in personally and spoke to lead Tech who advised this is a common fault on some other Acer models, but not seen before on 3935. Demonstrated fault. Outcome: Installed new heat protection under thermal switch panel, updated, tested. Returned machine to me, fault reoccured same day.

    Found out Acer UK's escalation team (as opposed to Indian call centre for first line Acer support). Phoned. Spoke to very helpful UK team. Arranged for laptop to come back in. Was refunded the full purchase price.

    Key learnings:
    - first line support is not very helpful. Try and get to escalation team asap.
    - legal letter was helpful to get their attention. If you want a copy, let me know.
    - take videos of the fault occurring so that you can show it actually happening.
    - refer to the fact this is widespread and prove via links they can look up (I have loads of links from around the web of this happening to other Acer owners)
    - insist on your legal rights, they will refund you in the end.
    - buy a different laptop!

    Best of luck!!!

    Links to other users' experiences of this issue:
    PC World forum
    Laptop Computer Trends forum
    Youtube video of user's experiencing the problem

    Attachment of legal help
    View attachment Legal note - UK Writing to the trader.doc

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    I notice nobody has mentioned the possibility of the router/wireless being the problem, try changing the wireless channel broadcast number (usually channels between 1-13) as it's a commonly overlooked issue that if your neighbours are on wireless theres gonna be some major interference if they happen to have the same channel as you, this also applies to house cordeless phones and other broadcasting equipment.

    Personally I despise wireless, can't beat a good ethernet cable for speed or reliability.
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    My wife bought a Acer 3935 against my will :/
    And she have the same problem att all other here.

    I googled it and after 1 min i had an answer on a youtube video.

    The problem seems to be the touch panel.
    So I just lifted the panel up and removed the cable.

    Do as follow:
    1. Lift of the battery
    2. Behind the battery there is about five holes that you can bend back some plastic bit that keeps the panel on place.
    3. Now you can take it of and to remove the cable you lift up the black plastic bit that´s sitting on the white connector.

    You will find a lot of grammatic faults here but as long as you understand there shouldn't be any problems :)
    Im Swedish you know....

    If you would like some pictures how to do this I can fix that later.

    But this tweak has solved the problem for us.
    And the panel isn't very important anyway.
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    hello, you say you disconnect the cables touchpad wifi, and no more ?? fault, my problem is the same, I realized that I connect the charger and start the computer fails, your solution is to disconnect the cables and panel not fail more

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