All Media Players Skip All Songs/Vids In a Playlist

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    All Media Players Skip All Songs/Vids In a Playlist

    I have an Alienware/Dell PC x51r2 . I was using Win8, and am now using Win7. This has happened in both versions of Windows, in all of my players (classic, vlc). The only exception was Winamp, which did not skip audio but would not play vidya. I have the most recent codec pack update, I reverted to an older (after the problem started, and the problem still exists) codec pack to see if that helped. I reset WMP settings, folder settings, & reinstalled all players...

    I can't find any resources for this specific problem. If I play a single file I have no problems. If I select more files to play, or create a playlist, the players either countinuously skip through all files or skip through to, and play the last file. I have reinstalled all my video and audio drivers.

    I am stuck like Chuck at this point and would appreciate your advice. Thank you.
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    First order of the day is to get rid of the codec packs. Those can really mess things up. If you have an odd filetype to play, use VLC. That has most codecs included.

    If you properly imported your files to WMP, that should not skip.
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    You don't happen to have any security / disk cleanse program to clean up your playlist = recent files at start up? "Scan at start up", that is?

    Check settings, perhaps take off your security programs, restart, check that they aren't running, play something or two you feel is secure, restart, and check. If you have Windows 7 updates up to date, you can spend an hour or two, without hazard. If you have the material on your own disk, you can disable Internet, by unplugging, that way you should be [almost] 100% sure. Wouldn't really recommend YouTube or others, but you're safe for a while.

    BUT JUST try this, remember to get security back on!

    And like whs notes, get rid of codec packs. Never have more than one codec pack installed. Uninstall all, and take a look at how WMP works, you can even try "Repair your computer" with the installation disc.

    In fact, not having anything financial involved here, PowerDVD is a good buy. It comes with a cost, but their support is tremendous. Sometimes you have to pay for it...
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