Banned from another forum

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Thank you Elmer, glad to be here.
I also am not nasty, actually I think I am very nice.
My computer is slow no matter where it is. The stupid little blue circle keeps going around and around until the page opens. I have done all the cleaning I am supposed to. The other forum actually took over my computer and went in and got rid of xoftspy. We were going to do a clean install of windows and I am afraid to. That is when things went south over there. I am just not computer saavy enough to do that and at least now my computer works. Other little things happen which I won't go into now.
Now I am supposed to put my specs on here, right? It's been so long I don't remember how to do it anymore. Thanks.

OMG - can I be the ring leader!!!!

i think that would make for a great new thread , "Hands up if you have been banned from sevenforums"

bet there is a few here
OMG - can I be the ring leader!!!

you could have first post


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I would be banned probably :razz:


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i think that would make for a great new thread , "Hands up if you have been banned from sevenforums"

bet there is a few here
Where's the pirate smiley when you need it?

Actually being banned from SF is a good thing. Means you think out the box. Not an *** licker. Follow Brinks "expert" tutorials, I can guarantee they were posted on HTG a week earier. And if you dare to link to that post, brink will move in and re-direct your post as, I quote, "will be kept up to date".

He's No.1 plagiarist of all time. Even ripped me off.


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Why do you say I am preaching to you. What did I say that was preaching - how come everyone is criticizing me. Why is Whs mad at me when we haven't even talked and gotten to know one another. OK, I must be saying stuff that is not allowed that both the other forum and you should say such things. But I need to know what you are talking about so I can change it. Whs hasn't been very welcoming to me and when she said "John", from the other forum, I figured she could find out what happened, even if they didn't let me back on. I also didn't realize the forums were in competition with each other. I thought they were all here to help.
I will get back to reinstalling windows, but right now with Elmer and whs feeling the way they do about me, I am afraid of doing anything. You seem very nice, thank you for that.
Your thread related to performing a clean install of Windows 7 is titled "banned from another forum" and the fact is stated several times throughout this thread.


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Start a new thread with your actual problem, otherwise it'll be buried in the "Ihate SF because..."

We can move on from there.


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i think that would make for a great new thread , "Hands up if you have been banned from sevenforums"

bet there is a few here
You after a head count to hand back?


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You began this thread on 12-07-2011, at which time you were greeted cordially by both myself and Elmer, and then we heard nothing further from you until approximately 23 hours ago.
As I explained in my initial post we have no influence nor impact on what may or may not have happened on some other forum and really, as I see it, that has no particular relevance to the problem (if you still have one) with your computer, in so far as it impacts your membership here.
My suggestion would be for you to abandon this thread, as the discussion here seems to have devolved a bit and doesn't show a trend towards addressing your actual problem. Start a new thread, as has already been suggested, in the appropriate sub-forum under the help and support area and perhaps we can help you. This thread is no longer the appropriate venue to do that.


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Randy, you are sooo right. May I suggest that you close this thread so that the OP can get a chance to do what you suggest.

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