Windows 8 Best Buy sales folks a little confused?


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I was at a Best Buy today checking out touchscreens and Windows 8 since my daughter was looking at them. At another store the touchscreen did not seem to have the same functionality as a mouse, but I may have not been doing it correctly.

A sales person came up and we starting discussing the touchscreen. During the conversation the sales person says the Desktop is an APP.... :confused:

He pointed to the Metro UI and stated everything on this screen is an app.

After my chin hit the floor (and did that hurt), I slowly turned and while keeping my composure, said "WHAT"?

We discussed it for a while and my final comments to him were perhaps he should check with his Geek Squad folks to see if they agree.....

But now to the question. If you are using a touchscreen, how do you grab the top of an app and drag it to the bottom? Is it a double tap or just touch and hold. I don't feel bad about not knowing, because a sales person at another store could not get it to work either...
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Not sure about the touchscreen issue but as to whether the desktop is an app... Well i guess technically it is but it means a whole lot more if your a desktop user apposed to a touchscreen tablet user.
1st of all, I have never felt Best Buy or Future Shop to be good places to shop nor the kids there to be very knowledgeable. I have always recommended clients not shop there. That said...

Although there is more than 1 way to close an APP, I am pretty sure w/ Touch it is a 'grab & drag', much the same as w/ a mouse.

Now, not that 1 has anything to do w/ the other but...

There is an IE (Store) APP. Most of us don't care for it much or the way it works but, some of that may just be a matter of unfamiliarity. One can, also, open a 'traditional' IE browser window from Desktop. Now, if an (Store) APP is opened, while on Desktop and after an IE browser is open, the IE browser (or, actually the Desktop) will show on the Switcher Bar and one can return to Desktop, instead of the APP, from the Switcher Bar... so in that sense the Desktop, appears to be getting treated as if it is, also, an app. It helps to keep the mindset that in the Windows 8 OS there are Store APPs and conventional applications (programs, et al).

The a above may be a bit much for Best Buy salesclerks to grasp. (Just humour... don't climb all over me)

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Thanks bassfisher6522, that shows how it works. The difference seems to be with the mouse, you see something happen immediately but with the touch you need to drag about half way down the screen before you see a response... Next time I go shopping, I will try it.

And Drew, only one of the places where the sales people did not know how to close the app was Best Buy, Fry's was the other. But the sales folks at both stores seem to run the scale from very helpful and informed to not really interested. I met a guy at Best Buy while inquiring about TVs and he said there are some coming with hard drives built in for certain functionality.
One day sometime soon I will add a touchscreen monitor. I can see the benefit of it. But, for now I can use the mouse for the apps. Where would be a good place to shop for a touchscreen monitor, and what size should I be looking for? Oh yes, should I get an extended warranty with it? I ask because I have had two computers die before their 2nd birthday, so to speak! OH one more thing. Lets say your finished with an app. Is there a quick way to return to the app screen and not the desktop? Thanks.
The Windows key will usually take you back to the Metro UI screen. Such things as Winkey+Tab, Alt+Tab, and mouse in upper left corner, will give you other options.

As far as Touchscreens, you might go online and check them out. They are quite a bit more expensive than a normal monitor. Where you buy it would be your personal preference, I cannot really suggest.

Since the touchscreens are more expensive, I would think about a warranty, but if you are willing to do the job of returning the unit yourself, you might not need it. Again, your decision which might also effect where you decide to buy it.

Personally, I like Best Buy as opposed to some other places the items might be available. I seem to also have preferences as to what type of items I will buy at one store as opposed to another.
I never foud the Geek Squad very knowledgable either. Why would most people want a touch screen for a desktop? I can't even reach my screen without leaning forward and don't like fingerpints and smuges on the screen.
Ironically, in the midst of talk of Touchscreens, I recently received 2 mice on separate occasions from Microsoft, after attending webcasts. They are really cool & funky but, I, still, had a chuckle over it & the timing in these days of hyping Touch screens.

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I've had clients who have had the Geek Squad in before they rang me. After hearing whatever tale, seeing what had been done or not done, I felt sorry for them for the money they had spent on Geek Squad.

So, yeah, I'll agree, too.

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Well I did order a touch screen that I can use on either my portable or my desktop. Though I got to admit I think the mouse does not really do that bad. My neighbor has a Windows surface tablet, 32 gig. . I must admit I dream of having one. They seem to be very well made. I did not even mind the keyboard. It was pretty darn responsive and easy to use. I know why they are expensive but, if I did have the money, I certainly would get one.
I agree with some of the posts above regarding employees and their intelligence level.

Stores such as Best Buy, Staples and (maybe?) Future Shop aren't actually as oriented around helping customers with their technical inquiries as they are selling customers anything related. An example in case could be one of my friends who is in grade 12 and applied for a job at Staples as an EasyTech associate. The guy actually knew nothing about Windows 8 when he applied and was graciously accepted. He even admitted to having learned some things about it from the very customers he was supposed to be helping. The companies are very sales driven and as such an employee receives more shifts and higher bonuses for selling more, not helping people.

I can't say these are bad places to shop, but the bottom line is there is literally no technically oriented educational requirements in getting a job there, I would think most people who don't know things about the latest technology wouldn't apply there but then again, my friend is a perfect example. I'd say most of the time the associates I speak with are fairly knowledgeable. Definitely more so than the customers they're pitching products too.

Hit or miss.

I can't even begin, to tell you about my experiences with Best Buy, but to say that many of the people who work there don't know anything is being mild.

When I went with a friend who needed a new printer and asked for a simple inexpensive inkjet printer, he fist led us to a Laser Printer, then a Printer Scanner unit.

Then to a Color Laser Printer.

When I said we just want a regular inkjet printer with no scanner, he just looked vague.

I finally said in a loud voice to my friend "Lets go I'll order a printer for you from Amazon, it will be here in 2 days and I get free shipping anyway.

We walked out, I still don't know if they actually have a simple inkjet printer or not, but I've had similar problems with everything from CD Labels, to Cables for a scanner.

I really miss the local CompUSA, they used to have knowledgeable people who could answer my questions and direct me to exactly what I was looking for.

I don't even bother anymore I just order the stuff online.

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I think this thread has gotten a little off course. The original post was just to address what the sales folks are being told about Windows 8. The more I though about it, I started to realize perhaps such an explanation as to how it works on the Metro UI page would better help explain the system to new users.

I only had the one point of contention about the Apps. The salesperson was very knowledgeable about the systems they had for sale, and even cleared up some points about different types of "Touch" screens.

Again, I enjoy going to Best Buy, and of the stores I have access to, overall they seem to have the most motivated and informed sales folks. But much of what you might encounter in any particular store depends its management, so there will be variations.