Black Screen on Start Up


I had the same problem with Vista and found out it was my USB Epson All in One printer. This printer has a built in card reader and Vista assigns drive letters to each of the available card reader ports. When Vista is loading it appears to be attempting to read the Card reader drives and status of the device connected to the USB ports, thus delaying the loading of Windows. With the Printer switched off, the problem goes away.

Don't know if you a printer like this, but check any USB devices attached and check the BIOS of your motherboard for Legacy USB support.



All you that solved your problem by registry method you have been infected. (before that)
Others that cannot open task manager (ALT CRTL DEL) have my situation. I read every post on every forum and no solution. I wrote microsoft today so will see :mad::mad::mad::mad:

and yes. wITH out task manager you cannot run explorer to backup your files.? Here is solution: When black screen appears press shift button (aprox 10 times) until message appears. Then press to the text end you will get windows explorer, then in adress bar write explorer and you are back in life.

hope that helpped.

HEY guys you are simply great.This is working for me and its a cool solution

thnaks alot guys
keep rocking

I too had the same problem, Computer would start with a black screen. No task bar nor start menu, Documents showing on screen Did as instructed,
Task manager,
Typed in exploer,
Hey Presto working,

Then went to system restore and took it back a couple of days.

Worked fine from then on.
HEY guys you are simply great.This is working for me and its a cool solution

thnaks alot guys
keep rocking

I am having the same problem with Vista on a Toshiba laptop, however when i press Ctrl+Alt+Del nothing happens either attempting to boot normally or in safe mode. I'm stuck as to how to try and begin to solve the issue.


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Have you tried all the solutions posted above?

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