Black section of screen (still functions)

When I turned on my computer today, the desktop loaded up with part of the screen off the edge of the monitor. When I adjusted the screen into the right place I discovered the part that had been off screen was actually completely black.

It still functions, all the buttons and the cursor beneath it still work. It just shows nothing visually.

Whilst it does not affect the usage of my computer, it is extremely irritating, so if anyone knows of a way to return that part of the screen, I would be much obliged.

Whilst I cannot upload a direct image, as the screen is still there in print screen, I have attached an approximation of what I see.



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have you checked that your resolution hasn't changed?
How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 7 - For Dummies

Also can you post your computers specifications and if the graphics driver is the latest version.

Have you updated anything recently?

Ok, firstly it is definitely not the resolution, it's currently as high as it will go, and turning it lower makes the problem worse.

Secondly, these are the specs I could find :

Manufacturer : Compu-Zone.c
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz
RAM : 6.00 GB (5.87 Usable)
System Type : 64 bit Operating System
No Pen or Touch

I believe the driver is NVIDIA and it says no updates so I presume it is up to date.

There was a Windows update recently, but the problem occurred a couple of days after that rather than immediately.


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What about Aspect ratio and those settings?

Also the latest driver from Nvidia was 355.82 so do check and if need be update.

Scaling Mode : Full-screen (although I've tried all three; no change)
Perform scaling on : display
Resolution 1280 x 1024
Refresh Rate 75 Hz
Native Resolution 1280 x 1024

Driver is 353.62 so will update.

Anything else you can suggest in case that doesn't work?


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Hmm... check your Monitor connections make sure they are sound also have you checked the actual settings on the monitor itself?


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Try, just for a test, a different refresh rate, ie 60 Hertz. Does that make a difference?

Updating NVIDIA fixed the problem, thanks for your help. Don't know why it didn't tell me there was an update, but at least it's fixed now.


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Hi Damon,
glad to hear your issue is sorted any problems post back :)

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