BSOD in the morning - Help Please!

Gd Day all,

My Pc mysteriously reboots/BSODs every morning. So far i've runned chkdsk with some file problems but no bad sectors and Memtest86+ twice. First time 640 errors, second time no errors at all.

Curious thing it only crashes/BSODs early morning, rest of the day it runs completely stable.

I'm sending in attached CPUZ / SF / RAMmon reports.

Thanks for your assistance.


Good morning!,

I'm uploading minidump directory now, unfortunately i couldn't retrieve dumps from last week, but there are dumps from the last few months. As you can see they are all from around 9.00 Am, the time that I start the machine every day.

This morning I removed one RAM Dimm and started the machine on only 2GB RAM and, no crash or BSOD whatsoever. I think this indicates a memory problem. Could it be faulty memory stick, or could it be memory management trouble. REALLY appreciate some comments from you guys.

Thanks in advance,
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Congrats.... nice bit of troubleshooting.
I'm gonna go with bad memory module or possibly bad memory slot on motherboard.
Not much changes with respect to "memory management" by simply adding or removing a stick of RAM.
You want to make sure the memory modules are not mismatched
Download Memtest86+ from this location here. Burn the ISO to a CD and boot the computer from the CD from a cold boot after leaving it off for an hour or more.

Ideally let it run for at least 7 passes / 6-8 hours. If errors appear before that you can stop that particular test. Any time Memtest86+ reports errors, it can be either bad RAM or a bad Mobo slot. Perform the test RAM sticks individually as well as all possible combinations. When you find a good one then test it in all slots. Post back with the results.

See this Guide to using Memtest 86+

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated!

I will proceed with memtesting different combinations of RAM Sticks / Mobo slots, as suggested. Any ideas on why this problems only occurs in the morning (or the first time I connect the PC that day) and then in the rest of the day it goes stable? Maybe there is some clue about it in the minidump results...

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