BSOD - ntkrnlmp.exe - Please help!!

I keep getting BSOD recently, i've attach all the info of my PC below. Thank in advance. (note: SPD slot 3 and 4 is empty) :



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Seems that dxgmms1.sys is the leading star. It's a video driver connected to DirectX. You could roll back in video drivers, or you could, preferably,
1. download latest drivers from your computer manufacturer, especially if you have an OEM computer, then
2. uninstall present drivers, reboot, and install new drivers - if Windows suggests you drivers, say no.

Thank for the reply. It is so helpful. Now i realize the BSOD problem start arising recently after i update the latest video driver from nvidia. = ='

I've uninstall the faulty video driver and clean it with Driver sweeper, then reinstall it. I will update you the result a few days later. Again, thank you so much.


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It's not an unknown fact that Nvidia often works better with older drivers. There's quite a lot of debate about the best driver, one works in one system, another in another system - it's not very scientific, if you think about it.

I seem to contradict myself, since I recommended the latest drivers, and now I write that older drivers might work better... welcome to my confusing world!

One thing you could try, if it still doesn't work, is to install the original drivers that came with the computer or video card. And have your BIOS at default values. Start from bottom, so to say.

Best of all. :)

It seem that my original video driver work better with my system. Or maybe is EVGA problem since the manufacturer is EVGA not nvidia? 2 days already pass without any BSOD. Thank you so much. You truly a god among man.


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EVGA uses Nvidia circuits / technology, like many other brands do too. We actually have two major video cards, Nvidia and ATI, the latter now owned by AMD. So, even if it seems that we have many different video cards, we only have two - like in CPUs, there are two major brands, Intel and AMD.

In want to update your drivers, it might be best to look in EVGA pages. I had a MSI card once, factory overclocked, and it worked finest with MSI drivers. Different manufacturers have different solutions.

Another thing is, and this is the opinion and experience of many more wiser than I, Don't fix that which isn't broken. Unless having problems, do nothing. Just let the system roll. Personally, I do update drivers when new are presented, but you have to be careful. A good practice is to make a note as soon as problems arise - pen and paper, dates in memory.

Glad you got it forward. And glad to have provided some help. :)

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YEAhHHhh! Now my PC work like a charm without any BSOD. I can say goodbye to BSOD. Thank again. :)


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Great. :up:

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