Windows 7 Change Sort by for one folder in library


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does anyone know if it is somehow possible to change "Sort By" inside a library for just one folder?
Problem is if I go to a library and for example select "sort by: size" for a folder this is applied for the entire library! but I only want it for that single folder!
it works fine outside of libraries, so if I simply go to a folder and select "sort by: size" windows just applies the new sorting for that folder. unfortunatly, if I visit the same folder from my library it's using the libraries sort. since I mainly use libraries and really need this I'm desperatly searching for a solution. even a registry hack would be fine.

I guess my last resort would be to create a seperate library for that folder, but that kinda sucks too.


edit: on the second try, the "sort by" was only applied for the single folder, not the entire library. let's hope it sticks.
edit2: didn't stick, not it doesn't work anymore. any ideas are taken gladly
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The way I think (i don't use them) libraries work is,,,,,,

You can think of them as virtual links. So,, inside the library,, it is an all or nothing thing.
It's a single point of contact for a mass of locations. So, when the single point changes, you can't change it for individuals.
It's my theory anyway.
Wow, I can't believe no one has solved this yet. There must be a lot of people with this problem. I'm SO frustrated by it. Has anyone figure it out?? I solution would be very welcomed.
There is a way to deal w/ this...

1st it means not going via Libraries... as an aside, I unpinned it from the taskbar, long ago.

Instead use your (owner) named folder, in your case, probably Steve. It's on the Start Menu above Documents

In it are all the same folders (& more) as in Libraries. BUT, in in this location each individual folders contents can be set to sort by whatever different parameter you want.