Windows 7 Computer randomly starts playing radio


For a while now, randomly throughout the day, my laptop randomly plays radio through the speakers, and I can't figure out what process is playing the music. It usually lasts for a few minutes, after which it goes silent. Is there a known malware that can do this type of thing?

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You might want to try TDSSKiller from here and see if that finds anything
Additionally MalwareBytes makes a pretty decent RootKit tool which you can get here
Good luck.
If either of those seem to have helped the issue then you may want to go forward with
JRT from here
Followed by ADWcleaner from here
Then a full custom scan with the free version of MalwareBytes Antimalware from here
And finally just to be on the safe side a scan with this tool from Eset

Thanks a lot. I did a full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials first (as that's what I already had installed) and it found a trojan... I'll continue with other tools, but the radio station hasn't appeared since.

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