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It's pretty obvious to me that the administrators are more concerned keeping one really bad member happy and continuing to allow that one member to post her irrational posts about human rights and governments stopping MS and Win 8 than keeping the majority of their contributing members happy. This is not acceptable to me any more. Even with her ignored, the other posters are showing their irritations with her irrational posts and disrupting the flow of orderly discussion. Rather than do something positive, another message is sent which also just flows over her head. Enough is enough. I'm gone. It's obvious to me that meaningful discussion is lost because of this individual.
We will allow discussion, and not encourage lambasting someone for disagreeing with you. The person understands that their repetitiveness has caused issues, but these types of personal attacks are not permitted here. They're simply not. If you can't live with that, go find a different site to discuss the OS on. The forum is for everyone: including people that disagree with you. This does not give you a right to attack them personally with ridiculous statements, and that includes everyone who has behaved terribly in this thread. It's a disgrace to see the types of comments made about someone because they don't like a piece of software. That is the real disgrace here, and it will not be tolerated on this site. You will not dictate policy here whatsoever, because you are in no position to do so. Thank you.


I can not in all good conscience continue to lend my expertise in a forum that allows and encourages this type of individual to continue. I have to deal with nuts all day long in my job working as a Paramedic in a large inner city environment. I can not work with nuts when I'm working in my hobby as well. This woman has displayed increasing unstable comments and indeed has been encouraged by Elmer to continue to do so. I can see why she has been banned by other forums.

I have removed all links to my favorite Forum because I would dread her going there as well. If she remains, I'm afraid I will have to leave.


And if that is not intimidation by association, I don't know what is. Go take your links, your lunch box, and go home if you have to. We will enforce the rules and policies on this site equally and fairly, and that includes agreeing to disagree with individuals that we can't tolerate. For example, I can hardly tolerate you, but I have followed our rules and guidelines to hopefully prevent you from attacking other members who disagree with you in the future.
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