Convert .Olm files and migrate to Outlook 2010 (Windows)

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I am switching over to windows system for personal reasons and have migrated almost all my stuff from mac over to windows. My main area of concern is emails. Currently I am using outlook 2011 on my mac book pro an want to migrate all the emails to outlook 2010 installed n my windows system.

I am unaware of any procedures available so please help. I currently have two mail id's synced with outlook 2011 containing thousands of emails. It would be really helpful if the method suggested is easy to operate.
Thank you for your support.


Outlook can't import .olm files directly, as a workaround, we may create an IMAP account in Outlook 2011 and upload your emails to it, then create the same IMAP account in Outlook 2007 to download the emails, then drag the emails to your own account folder.

How to configure Outlook to receive e-mail messages from an IMAP server:

Add IMAP Email Account in Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X:

Transfer mail using Third Party tool:
Many mail transfer applications are available online, one i know is available on this link


No extra account method

Command A (all messages) hit forward, then depending on the emails may take a while (converts them to .eml) you will see all the emails in the "attached part" right click and hit save all (to disk or usb)
go into windows and highlight all the eml files and drag and drop all them to outlook. DONE!

If you have mails in bulk, then you can fasten your process with the help of an application.

Have a look at this link: Convert olm files to pst format

Instead of trying more manual procedures i opted to go for application this time. I have tried many times the other ways and landed in nothing. This tool olm to pst converter pro worked like a charm. No glitches in its processing and the mails were migrated just like that. Also my worry about the content in the emails was over using this tool.

Thank you guys for help.

I would advice you to try Kernel for OLM to PST Conversion Tool for the conversion of your Outlook 2011 MAC mails to MS Outlook Mails instantly. Refer to to know more about the application and download the demo tool.

Hello mike,

I would like to suggest you an easy way to convert olm file to pst. you can refer to the manual solutions provided in the internet. you can also refer to the support site of Microsoft. I am sure you will get many manual solutions and it is not very difficult to implement. But as you said that you don't want to go for manual solution, then try a third party software.

I will recommend you to use SysInfoTools OLM to PST Converter as i have used it many times and i can assure you that it is a very reliable software. Its free demo version is available and you can try it before using the full version. It will help you very much :):thumbs_up:

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