Windows 7 Dell Inspiron 2305 will not boot


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I did my best job of using Macrium backup to make sure I would always have my files available. Unfortunately, this desktop of 6 years WILL NOT turn on. Power light is amber. Now all my files are backed up on my external drive which I cannot access. If I am unable to fix this problem, can I access my files to load onto another pc? Does not seem so but thought I'd ask. Also, can someone help me try to fix the desktop? Thanks in advance.
If it does nothing when you try and turn it on it's probably a bad power supply or motherboard. I'd start by replacing the power supply, you can pick one up from any computer store and they will take them back if that's not the issue. Then swap the motherboard.
Power supplies are pretty easy to swap out and if you need help there are plenty of youtube videos.
I have seen many forums etc. state power supply probably the problem. Best Buy probably would carry a p.s. --- motherboard, if so is expensive as I recall. Don't know how easy that swap out would be. I'll check the youtube video area. Thanks very much for your input.
Motherboards can be as cheap as $15 as up to $250 or more depending on what you get. They're not that difficult to replace just need to make sure and reapply thermal paste on the CPU.
oh boy - thermal paste on the cpu...hmmm. I do want to mention that when I press the power button I can hear the system making start up sounds like it did when it was healthy. Is that possible when p.s. is dead?
Yes it's possible. power supplies deliver different voltages depending on the connector so you can have some of them working and you may get fans running or hard drives spinning. You can disconnect the monitor and leave it's power on for it to do a self test. The video card could also be bad. All of these can be ruled out with spare parts.
I am so frustrated. I thought I was all set with my Macrium back and restore process. I never dreamed it wouldn't turn on!! and thereby reducing it to a paperweight again.
Actually it dawned on me you said this is an AIO desktop. They usually use a power brick, you may need to get a replacement from dell. They also have a small board usually inside which I'm not sure you can get a replacement, again Dell maybe your only option if they will sell the part even.
Yes, I'm having a hard time coming up with any answers even on the Dell site. Amazon comes up with following:
Original Dell 90W AC Power Adapter Charger For Dell Inspiron E1505, PP20L, E1705, PP05XB, N3010, P10S, N4010, M4010, P11G, N4020, N4030, P07G, N5010, M5010, P10F, N7010, P08E, 510M, PP10L, 600M, PP05L, ONE All-in-one Desktop 2205, W03B, 2305, 2310, Probably not it, eh?
Sorry for my stupidity. I just looked at the Dell and sure enough there was a black box connecting to the back of the pc and into the wall. That shouldn't be too difficult to swap. Sheesh. Such a dummy. Thanks again.
also Dell wants 90 bucks. It is for 130 V. The Amazon one is 90V. And is 38.00. I'm sure 90 will be sufficient don't you think?
New question. There is a blue light on the power cord as it goes into the back of the pc from the brick. Does this mean that the brick is functioning and it may be the motherboard after all. When you have a minute. Thanks.