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My computer was running fine yesterday. I was copying my iTunes music library file into Drop Box to transfer to my new computer. I left this unattended to do something else. When I came back to check on it, all of my desktop icons were gone and so was the task bar. Control, Alt, Delete did not respond. I had no way to turn off the computer properly. I used the power button to shutdown and then reboot hoping things would reset. This did not happen. My desktop background is showing with no program icons and no taskbar at the bottom. I right click and select personalize. I then click on the left side of the title bar and I can open all contents of the computer. No application icon will open any program. System restore won't work either, no response. Putting in the windows 7 original installation disk did not boot the PC when restarting, a repair disk I made will not boot the computer either. No actual programs will open. This computer has not been connected to the internet for the past week while I have been working on setting up my new Win 10 computer. There are files on the win 7 computer I need to get, like documents and other files. How can I properly shut down this computer and reboot into safe mode? I have unplugged the computer and plugged in then held the F8 key to get to the safe mode, that did not help. Bottom line is no programs will open


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Putting in the windows 7 original installation disk did not boot the PC when restarting, a repair disk I made will not boot the computer either
Did you change the boot order via the bios so that the DVD/CD player is first? You will also need to watch for the prompt when rebooting to 'press any key'. It will then boot from the install disk and at the install page click Repair instead.

Kemical, thanks for the reply, but you need further explanation. The computer does not go thru a normal boot up process.
I press the power button and the desktop background (without icons and the taskbar) will come on after a few minutes
The boot process is set to look for a boot disk and then the hard drive. I need to know how I can shutdown the computer properly
like going thru the normal shut down sequence or a command prompt. If I can get the machine to startup correctly, I may be able to solve this. I need files on this computer to transfer to new computer.


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It might be waiting for an internet connection to resuming the upload...

If it is a pro version of Windows you may try to login via a remote terminal connection from another computer.

Another wild guess: remove power cord, press switch on

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