Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB Desktop Problems

A few days ago over half of the shortcuts on my desktop disappeared. I have no idea what happened to cause this. My user desktop folder still showed all of the shortcuts that were previously on the visual desktop. When I attempted to recreate the missing shortcuts on my visual desktop I received an error message asking to rename the shortcut to "Shortcut" (2).

I deleted the shortcuts in my user desktop folder and created new ones on my visual desktop. When I selected "align icons to grid" they all went to the first line at the top of my visual desktop. When I tried to drag them back down they snapped back to the top. When I selected "auto arrange icons" over half of them disappeared again. In addition, when I tried to install Acronis True Image 16 the program would not complete the installation because it could not create a shortcut on my desktop.

I opened Windows PowerShell (Admin) and ran sfc /scannow. The CBS.log file showed two corrupt files. I don't remember which ones. One was a .dll file and the other one was a .pri file. I then did the following:

Created a new folder in D:\ and named it “mount”
Searched for "install.wim" on the Windows 10 DVD and copied it to D:\
Opened Windows Powershell (Admin) - Copied and pasted each of the following lines one at a time and ran:

Dism /mount-wim /wimFile:D:\install.wim /index:1 /MountDir:D:\mount
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:D:\mount\windows /LimitAccess
Dism /unmount-wim /Mountdir:%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\mount /discard
All of the commands ran successfully.
I ran sfc /scannow and the CBS.log and the DISM.log indicated there were no corrupt files.

The desktop problem is still the same. I do not want to use System Restore at this point because I only have one old restore point. I previously created a task to create a restore point each time Windows starts but it is not working (thus the reason for wanting to install Acronis). I have spent two days since that point installing programs and tweaking numerous settings in Windows and the programs and do not want to lose all of that work. I am unclear about what I will lose by trying to reinstall Windows from the installation DVD or trying to run the executable from within Windows.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem would certainly be appreciated.




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Perhaps this helps. I once saw this on W7 systems. It took me about half a year to find that shortcuts to shares on a NAS get removed when the connection is not available for some time. It was ALWAYS available, but when you returned from lunch or some break you found that they were gone. I switched that silly protection off.

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I've had this happen on my laptop a couple times. It has only happened when I switch between running on two external monitors and running just off the laptop screen. The icons are off screen. To work around it I just changed my resolution and moved the shortcuts closer to the middle of my screen, put the resolution back and move the icons. Not the best fix but it worked to get them aligned correctly.

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