Windows 7 File Names Missing, No Start Menu, No Right-Click Menu, BSOD's


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Hi, my laptop wouldn't access the operating system yesterday when turning it on & only worked after opening it up & pushing the harddrive in. On starting it up it forced me to access some samsung recovery options so I did that.

Now the desktop appears & the files appear on my desktop but no file names appear underneath them, no time appears in the corner, the start menu wont open up, the right click menu that appears is empty, when I access a folder I get a bsod saying "page fault in non-paged area", when I open firefox I get a bsod saying "bad pool header" and after these bsod's I get to "boot from AHCI CD-ROM: Operating System Not Found", the same thing I was getting last night. I can play video files in vlc but it goes crazy, pdf files open but the "file, edit etc..." menu doesn't appear or half appears with the desktop appearing in parts of it, & is basically just messed up.

On safe mode the menus open but the files dissappear after a second & the side menu is compressed & no files appear. Firefox still gives the bad pool header bsod in safe mode. I have no windows disk to re-install & just cannot afford to lose the ginormous amount of .txt files, .lyx files & .odp openoffice files on math & physics that I've made over the past year - is there any way to fix this problem without losing my files?

Greatly appeciate any help, thanks...