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Windows 7 HDMI detects display but no video out?!


New Member
Jun 2, 2009
Hi, I've been using may laptop's HDMI out on my TV just fine for about a week or so and it suddenly just stopped working.
I've tried reinstalling the drivers, installing old drivers, etc, and I can't seem to get the video to display.
Under the options I can see that the laptop connects to the TV just fine and reads it as a Panasonic display, I've also hooked it up to my BenQ monitor with the same results.
Laptop is an ASUS N50VN, video card is an Nvidia 9650GT. I've also tried a different HDMI cable thinking that may have been the culprit but it was a no-go. :confused:
oh, and I'm running build 7100

Appreciate any input,
Than you.