HDMI to TV problems... PLEASE HELP!!!

The TV Model is a SONY Bravia KDL-32s3000 32" LCD 1080i/720p HD Ready TV. It's a pretty old model as far as Bravias go and I don't even think you can buy them any more save for places like amazon, ebay etc.

The DVI cable plug ends are DVI-D and the connector ports on both the graphics card and the female DVI to HD adaptor are both DVI-I connectors.

Well the reason I have no display when plugging the cable into AV5 or AV7 (the other 2 hdmi inputs on the Bravia) is because, I believe, these input slots have died. None of my hdmi devices work with those slots anymore. I went on holiday to the states in Jan with them working fine and when I came back in early Feb they were buggy and I saw lines on the screen and the display would cut out consistently every 5-10 minutes or so. Then they eventually just stopped giving out a signal. Neither to my PC, Sky+ HD box or my PS3.

So unless by some miracle there's a fix I HAVEN'T tried? I'd say they're dead. I'm convinced that AV4 doesn't have any issue though and my failure to connect a hdmi lead directly from graphics card to AV4 is NOT because the AV4 input is defective, as like I said before, everything else picks it up fine.

THANKYOU again for sticking with me on this. You are a saint. Honestly.


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Never mind I didn't read to the end.

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The TV is an LCD, 720p HD. The LCD panel native resolution is 1366x768, so you should see the best picture at that resolution, or 1280x720 would be the alternative. But see which one looks the best, if you have both.

I have been thinking about getting a 32 inch for my monitor replacement, but it would have to be a full HD (1920x1080p). I ran a 46 inch TV on this system using the HDMI output and it was a little fuzzy. It does not have a DVI input so I could not try that.

Yep that's the one. I always ran it on 1360x768 before and am doing the same now, infact it always sets itself to that resolution automatically, I suppose because, as you say, it's the native (or close to it) resolution.

The picture quality is fantastic as it was before with my original hdmi-hdmi cable. As far as I can see there's absolutely no difference. SO I think at this point I'll stop messing with it and leave it as is. The only thing I've done is ordered a 5m gold plated dvi-d dual layer to hdmi cable so I can run it around the back of the room and behind my desk, that way I can put the desktop case back where it was. Also, I don't want the extra weight of the adapter being put on the hdmi slot in the tv, it's the only slot left until this thing gets a repair or replacement so I don't want to do anything to risk damaging it.

THANKYOU SO MUCH for all of your help and going out of your way to research my specific problem Saltgrass. I truly appreciate it because without you I'd probably be tearing my hair out. A simple fix in the end but one that did not occur to me at all.... I'd forgotten I even HAD a dvi to hdmi adapter until you mentioned it!

Thank you again mate. Truly.

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Hope it keeps working for you. When I was researching I saw the TV for sale for around $4000... :)


What TV is that? Man.... it better be something incredible like a 2030 NASA 4D TV or some ****. Lol.

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