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Hi all, new to this forum, i get the trouble and need you help with window 10, my computer not display better, sometime it setup auto


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could you be a little more specific on the actual issue, thanks.


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Mimi and I am new to this. I have a technical problem and anything technical is so over my head LOL, here is my problem, whenever I open a PDF File in my emails and I try to save it to either my documents or downloads, I have realised it saves to a folder that I cant control or I don't know where it exist. I took a photo on my phone of this folder, it reads: INetCache IE RNG276IJ, I think there could be another I Net folder but I can only see it when I try to save PDF Files. These folders have access to all my PDF Files, it is automatically saved to this folder and I don't know where this folder came from and how to get rid of it. Can someone please help me?

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You might be seeing the file in a Temporary folder such as it might behave if you just open a PDF file online.

How does a PDF file arrive in your e-mail, as an attachment? Do you use the "Save As" option to place it in the folder you want? What are you using to view the PDF file?


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Yes, the PDF is an attachment that I download. When the file opens up, I try to save it..before I realised what was happening I would save the file then when I went looking for it under documents and or downloads folder, I couldn't find the saved file. It would then save on the second attempt. When I finally switched on that it was being saved in an INet Cache Folder. I cant find it anywhere, so last night I did a search for INet Cache and found some information that I deleted, LOL, not sure If I was meant to but there was one file I couldn't delete that was from a Trusted Installer, I googled that and found out that it belongs to Microsoft...Ive got technical dramas, LOL..DAMSEL IN DISTRESS...hahaha


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Some thoughts have come to mind... finally ;)

Is there any chance the files are dangerous and the system is not allow you to save them in a permanent folder?

Is it possible the pdf files were created with restrictions which won't allow them to be saved?

Can you save a Text file where you want?

I did not see where you stated what utility you use to open the PDF files. If you open them in a browser, you may want to look for a different option to save, but we would need accurate info about how your are saving which means specifically which utility is being used and what choices are being made.


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wow, that was just like way over my head LOL.. all I am aware of is I open up a PDF file for example which may have a roster for work. Then I try to save it and it gets saved in the INetCache Folder. I usually open the file first by downloading it, it then goes to a download screen which then opens up in adobe and then gets saved to the INetCache Folder automatically, I don't get a chance to try to save as a document or download folder, until I realise that the file I thought I saved is nowhere to be found.

The other day I also deleted some TODOS file which caused my CPU to be high, I have no idea what CPU is except that is sounds like it is related to R2D2 or C3PO..but whatever I did my usage is low, and today I put on Norton Premium Security, I originally had Norton 360...and I didn't get an email to say that you had responded, I just thought I would log in today to see if anyone responded to my enquiry...:tongue:

computer to automatically update mode, you try not to reinstall the automatic mode again


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You may be able to set the default file location in the Adobe program.
Open the Adobe PDF reader and look for either options or settings and see if you can find a way to set the default file location. Set it to your documents folder. If you do then from then on they should be saved there.
I can't help much more since I do not have Adobe reader installed.

Thanks for the info, I will try both, Im trying to attach a pic file to show you what I'm talking about..but it is saying: The uploaded file is too large for the server to process.

I reckon I have been hacked, or the people in my house have access to my files and somehow can block me because they are all IT people. There is a big black hardrive/computer box upstairs and if I could upload the pic I would, so I don't sound crazy.I guess it is like a big brother watching over everything I do, or maybe it has shared access, I don't know, I am not IT knowledgeable, and I sound so stupid, but Im learning. I even put verification codes on my email accounts and I have had problems with that. I try to log onto the internet and it is constantly disconnecting me, but I could have a friend sitting next to me using the same internet network connection and they don't get disconnected. Ive had problems with these people for so long and I am over it.

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