I cant take it anymore!

I have given windows 7 the true benefit of the doubt but as of now I will be going back to XP. I have been running RC build 7100 for about a 6 weeks now and tough I like the look of it the feel is just not there. I want to be able to configure my OS to act the way I want it to. I don't see why that is so hard. I was really hoping for an improvement over XP mainly because of boredom but the fact is that XP gets the job done and it does it my way. Even if win7 was faster, and it was for the first week, I am simply more productive in XP.

I have always supported Microsoft's OS but Vista and 7 are forcing my hand to consider the alternative. I think I'm as about as frustrated with win7 as I was with Ubuntu or the time I tried a hackintosh install.

Now I'm not going to go into detail of my disappointment in Vista and 7 I just want to bitch a little before I go.

Oh. and I hope those Microsoft stocks work out for you. Let me know how that goes.

What is it that you want? Perhaps it's moved or made easier and you don't know where to look.

quote " ... I just want to bitch a little before I go."

quote " ... I just want to bitch a little before I go."
Just hold on to something secure as XP's support and security updates get unplugged by M$. You'll go to Win7 at some point (by M$ design),

Linux is just a download away.

Windows has finally matched mac.... they both suck. you will not need "windows 7 for idiots", Windows 7 IS for idiots. Lets review the market share;

Mac - Fashion conscious wuss-puss
Linux - Super Geek Magnifique (I may have to join the ranks – Oh the shame)
Windows 7/Vista -The idiot lamb for the slaughter (90% of the drooling American public)
Win Xp - The professional user (soon to be replaced by robots and an army of assholes)

I'm surprised I'm even bothering to answe this question - but having been away in Europe for a while I thought I'd logon again to see "whats cooking".

The OP with only 3 previous posts to his name is complaining about W7 without giving a reasoned incling of what's wrong with it doesn't IMO merit any further attention -- so I'm leaving it at that.


My only complaint with win7 is the lack of classic menu option! I have installed the 64bit version of home premium and I am very impressed! Initially I had some boot problems but that was due to the dual boot XP - WIN 7 after I got rid of XP! Solved the problem and my os is purring along beautifully. Now All I need is Classic menus and SP1!:D

What a niave person I am. Prepaid for Windows 7, just got the cd's, started the install on my laptop (Vista). and it says it cant install Windows 7 untill I uninstall my Intell Proset wireless. Hmmmm , doesnt that keep me connected to the Internet? I blindly followed this order and now it cant connect to the internet to do the install.. Why did it have to do this to me.... Im no computer geek, but I fiqured that if I hardwired directly to the router I can get back on the internet and download the drivers that I lost... It worked, Im here now .. but ... do I try again or just eat the $80 bucks and hang the cd's on the wall?

do I try again or just eat the $80 bucks and hang the cd's on the wall?
Yes, but frame them and add a placard that reads, "This is why you now use Linux." Place it somewhere that you can read it from your PC so when ever you run into one of Linux's rather limited shortcomings, you are reminded how bad things could be.

P.S. Or you could just get s stuffed penguin and prop it up on your desk holding the Disk. Those penguins... They aint normal!


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I've been a fateful Xp user even though the Vista stage I guess I've become a custom to it.I downloaded the W7 RC iso and installed it and ran it for a few weeks and went back to XP I guess I'm not a creature of change.When MS offered the $50 pre-order I thought I couldn't lose so I ordered it well it got here last week and I reinstalled it and couldn't be happier.The only problems I've had are 3rd party hardware driver updates(or the lack of them) but that will pass,and I can't play most of my vintage games so I plan to install a bare bones XP on a seprate partision to remedy that.This OS is new so give it a chance before you pass judgment.

The reality is that I will simply be forced to submit and take it. The software I use day to day requires windows to run. XP fared me through Vista but is unlikely to get me to Win 8.

I rant mainly for my own therapy. Speaking out in frustration helps. I find it more helpful than looking for answers on forums witch usually ends badly.

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