Windows 7 Major problem please help


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May 16, 2009

so i downloaded the rc1 build yesterday from the windows site.. got my seriel number and burnt my iso to disc.. installing ok starts the upgrade.. but when it gets to putting the stuff back onto the computer its gets to 66% and it comes up with this error:

werfault.exe - application error
the insruction at 0x77263892 referenced memory at 0x00000000. the memory could not be read

click ok to terminate...

then it just restores to vista..

my rig: intel q9450 2.6 quad core
evga 790i sli mobo
gtx260 nvidia card
4gb ram

please any ideas?


edit: i am going from vista x64 business and trying to install 64bit 7
Most folk on here are either doing a clean install and just running Windows 7 or putting a clean install on a fresh empty partition and dual booting.

It looks like the installation is baulking at either something you have on your system, which could be a piece of hardware or a particular application. If you decide to go down the dual boot road, first make sure you have all your important data backed up, then do the install. If you still get the problem, then it is almost certain to be a particular piece of hardware ('cos you haven't put any software on yet). If it installs without a problem put your applications on one by one - and it is probably best to create a restore point every two or three applications which you install and that way you can restore easily and then identify the software responsible.

If you need a piece of hardware which doesn't have drivers for it during the installation, try downloading Vista x64 drivers and see if they work. Again, if you run into problems during this stage - then it is a driver problem and you will have to contact the vendor to see if they have any 64-bit drivers for Win7 (even beta ones might be sufficient at this stage).
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