Mouse problems with Windows 10

I installed Windows 10 three days ago. Since then I have had numerous problems with my mouse and track ball. What happens is this: I am working and then the mouse or track ball are unresponsive. I then try whichever device I am not using and it is also unresponsive. I then try my wacom tablet and it works--every time. After using the wacom, even if I only touch the tablet to show it works, the mouse and trackball are responsive again. I have tried changing USB ports (I had 6 free ports and tested them all), uninstalling/reinstalling mouse and trackball, and updating Windows (latest was last night) but none of these has fixed the problem. Usually the mouse doesn't work at boot up, so I tap the wacom and then the mouse works for an hour or two. Sometimes it will stop working every couple of minutes--it is very frustrating. I am using a Microsoft optical mouse and a mouse-trak trackball.


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Does the problem go away if the Wacom is not plugged in at all?


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You could try Uninstalling the mouse in Device Manager and Rebooting.
This will force Windows to reinstall your mouse reconfigure it, this often helps with issues like this.

Are you installing mouse drivers specifically for your mouse of using the default Windows mouse drivers?


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