no internt connection (desktop)


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After a brief check, it looks like that adapter may be embedded on the mainboard, we need to address some basic concerns so we need to get as much information on you pc as possible, manufacturer, model name, model number, motherboard info, etc.

emachines, ET1331G-03w. where would i find motherboard info, looked on the box. didnt see anything


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There are a lot of good third party system information utilities, I don't have all the links at hand, try this and download the SIW Standalone (English-Only) version it seems to work very good for me SIW | Download

wow that thing is pretty cool. but it says model is MCP61PM-GM north bridge: nvidia MCP61 Revision A3 South bridge: <--same
capacity 8192 MBytes and memory slots 4. thats all motherboard, prolly told u too much but w.e haha


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Yeh, glad you liked it. That's a common MoBo used in gateways and emachines, unfortunately neither seems to have any driver updates that might address your issues. You still haven't commented on any firewalls or antivirus software installed, need to know this. Also use the program and see if it gives any specifics for your network adapter. Is this a brand new machine, did you get it from best buy or walmart, have you thought of perhaps taking it back and seeing if they can make it work with the wired connection, not sure what your options are. When you open a web browser and type can you see the router's built in web interface?

the only reference i can find to this board is the NIC is a Marvell Yukon 88E8039 LAN 10/100 integrated network chip, there are vista drivers available and packard bell might have some drivers on their site ?

what is the current driver version ,found by looking in device manager against network adapters ?

do you remember PCchips motherboards trouble ?
these are made by the same people :eek:

drivers >> found here from october 2009 apparently not found in windows 7 ;)

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no antivirus installed, it says i have the windows firewall on. doesnt say much bout the network adaptor. status says connected... but guess that just means its plugged in. bought computer from walmart. wasnt sure how it would work me taking it back to walmart, havent even had it a week, im sure they would do something if something was wrong with it, but kinda wanted to make sure there is something wrong with it first. and no i cannot see the routers interface.

oh and it says "windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date" when i click on my adaptor

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Turn off the windows firewall for testing, open control panel, then open windows firewall and on the left choose turn windows firewall on or off. Can you ping the router, open command prompt type the word ping then a space and then

k firewall is off, and i can ping, i get 4 replies, sent=4 recieved = 4 lost =0


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try the web interface again from your browser and then try it from your friends machine or some other machine that is on the same network

still nothing on the emachine, but my main computer brings it right up.


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When you run the SIW utility that I directed you to earlier what do you see here. (see attachment)

am i suppose to have 3? but u can look for urself



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Remove the wireless adapter, reboot and try again. Have you tried another browser like chrome of firefox, if not give it a go, make sure not to import any settings or configuration from IE8, when and if you do

downloaded firefox, still cant connect, i didnt import, and i couldnt bring up the router page either on firefox


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did you remove the wireless adapter, or at least disable it?

yea i got it sry, had to take care of something else but im back now. but i had to save it onto a flash disk, and then xfer it to the emachine. but i just extracted it from there. thats all i have to do right?


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Yes extract it and run the Setup.exe file

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