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Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by reastland, Oct 3, 2015.

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    I can't make OneDrive work to save my life. I've used Dropbox and SugarSync for years, but this thing is not working for me. I've even gone as far as to reinstall the O/S (win 10), but still no synching. Here is the word's most simple test:

    Create a small text file and put it in the OneDrive Documents folder:
    file explorer.

    Then go over to the OneDrive web site to see if it uploaded (news flash: it didn't):
    one drive home.

    But I see my PC listed here, so I click on it, just to feel more OneDrive insults:
    one drive pc.

    The OneDrive settings on my PC are all good, so I'm mystified. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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    Your onedrive isn't turned on... thats why files don't get uploaded mate.
    • In wx press the start button/ windows key, [all apps], [one drive]... this should open the sign in panel
    Screenshot (162).
    • You sign in using your Microsoft id (an email address/ password)... this will try to hand-shake with Microsoft and generate a key that you will see placed in the onedrive folder.
    Screenshot (164).

    Don't stress about the key, its auto-snyc and you don't have to type it in but also notice the green tick in each of my folders... that tells me that they have all been synced up to the server.

    p.s. you will also see a cloud icon added to the task bar (bottom right, near the time)... tells me my drive is open and goes solid once I sign in.

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