Random freeze outs with no explanation during shutdown

Ralph Bromley

Extraordinary Member
Once in a while, when the moon is high and the stars are aligned i guess Windows 10 full stop freezes with no reason nor any cause during shutdown.
It also happens during normal operations once in a while.
Its not a memory issue, I mean 12 gigs of ram memory should not be a problem.
Its not my CPU, my core i5 4460 may not be top of the line but should be more then sufficient.
Its not my HDD, my HDD may not be brand new either but there is no reason why it should be an issue when I can see the drive passes the benchmarks I put it in.
Same thing with my in built GPU, nothing fancy but preforms well %99 of the time.
I dual boot so I am ruling out hardware, everything checks out on linux so who knows why Win10 is doing this