Random short freezes Windows 8

Ok, i think i might have to pay for a new one since the one i'm using now is almost 2 years old. Ty for the help guys, can we leave this open if the problem comes back?

Ok, you're welcome & yes, keep us updated.

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Windows 8 freezes is usually related to hardware, meaning the video card, random access memory (RAM), or another component may be underperforming. Software can also lead to a frozen computer, as can issues with drivers, the operating system, and malware; A virus or spyware infection on your computer might also be the source of freeze issues.all these things can stop a computer from working properly.

1.If the freeze happens every time a certain hardware device is plugged in or switched on, the device itself might be to blame. Check drivers update for the device, and download and install them to erase any bugs that might exist in your version. Similarly, if the freeze only happens when using one particular application, that program might also be the root cause.

2.Run the System Restore utility from the System Tools section of the Accessories folder on the Start menu to roll back Windows to a previous version of the registry. This will fix prior registry issues without affecting personal files and settings.

3.If your computer still keeps freezing up after you take the solutions above, I suggest you to download a software to deal with it. The choice is sure to be more effective and simple, but there are few free utilities for this issue.Windows Boot Genius is a multiple windows repair tool which can be used to fix all computer errors, create bootable CD/USB, recover data lost and unlock windows password, etc. It is a excellent one if you wanna take this solution.

Source: http://goo.gl/1uR3t

Hi Wendyjucy,

Thanks for some really good ideas but are these solutions relevant even if i've rein stalled my system 2times and still have the freezes?

It is more likely to be the problem of the hardware.....your computer is in low configruation
buy a new one...

It is more likely to be the problem of the hardware.....your computer is in low configruation
buy a new one...
Bought a new motherboard and processor yesterday, will install them this weekend. I will not buy a whole new computer

No problem yet, let's wait a couple of days then we can close this thread i guess.

Thanks for the help guys!

You're welcome. Glad that was the problem & problem solved.

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