Rocketfish RF-515DCD Sound Card Suddenly not detected anymore


I have a Rocketfish RF-515DCD PCI Sound Card installed on my desktop computer- I was running andd playing sound from my monitor speakers with the driver all fine until recently- All I did was take out some RAM- blow and dust it off, and put it back in. I accidentally started my computer with the RAM improperly installed. (the clasps were not closed) and now, my driver for this sound card- is gone, windows doesn't even detect my sound card at all. All it came up with was "Realtek AC'79 Speakers" (which I'm pretty sure I dont have installed, it didn't work on any of my jacks) I disabled it in BIOS later on. So I downloaded the driver again(I found it here), ran the setup.exe and came up with the error "setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system"

So now I am really bewildered on where to go.

Here are my specs:


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So what exactly did you turn off in your BIOS? I suggest you power down and unplug you psu then recheck all your components physical connections making sure they are fully seated. Then I would pull the sound card out and move it to another PCI slot and boot back up.

All I did was turn off AC'97 audio (I just recently switched it back on)

I will try doing that


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You shouldn't have to turn anything off in the BIOS when adding an additional sound a graphics card add will automatically switch off what needs to be turned off in order for the new device to work.

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