Screen Turns off in Settings Only


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This is a very strange issue I have been having. I just recently built a computer for my parents and the screen will turn off in the windows settings menu but only after I click more into it. It is hard to explain but this is an example of the issue. So lets say that I want to adjust the night light settings. I enter the settings page no issue then click display and nothing seems to be wrong so far. But once I would click "Night Light Settings" I would see it pull up but then real quickly it would just be a black screen. I am unable to see my mouse cursor or anything. Once I try just clicking around everywhere in this black screen I will eventually find a way to minimize the settings tab and the screen will turn back on again like clockwork. This happens anytime I try to venture deeper into the settings if that makes sense. This is not an isolated issue to just a few settings. If anybody might know a cause for this I would greatly appreciate any information I can get cause I am unsure where to even start to troubleshoot. And if I need to clear up any details I will do my best.


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To get some more information
- You could test your screen on a different computer, than you know whether the screen is failing.
- Or try a different keyboard, it might send extra characters