Should I re-install Windows 7

I have an AMD 955 computer and its 11/2 years old and havebeen giving be nothing but problems. Internet Explorer does not respond alongwith a lot of other programs about half the time and I have to close it andre-open it. I get error messages all the time. I can’t get sound on just oneprogram, my camera isn’t recognize and a lot of other crap. I have an oldercomputer which is an Intel E6550 and everything works on it just fine but I don’tuse it as much because it’s my 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] computer. I even sent back 2Webcams because they wouldn’t work. Logitech gave my computer the blue screenof death 3 times and the top of the line Microsoft webcam had so much sound distortion. So I’ve have it with this computer. Is therea program that might help? Re-Install Windows 7? Or just gut it out and go toFry’s and get a new FX-4100 with motherboard for $155 and just go from scratch?


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I would start with a complete reinstall.
Since you're computer boots back everything up, i.e. address books, favorites, document files etc.
Take some time to think about it, I almost always forget something.

Then just wipe it and start from scratch, you shouldn't have any of these problems and you have lots.

The whole install process only takes about a half hour it's easier then trying to tackle all of these problems one at a time.

If you have a lot of software programs installed like do it's a pain to reinstall everything (takes a whole day) but it is still easier then trying to figure out what is wrong.

If you wan't to you can try and run Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, CCleaner, and SFC /scannow.
Before you reinstall but I think I'd just bite the bullet and do it.
Even if this is malware related it's the fastest way to get rid of it.

If you do a complete reinstall and you still have problems then something is wrong with your computer.


Thanks Mike, I know you’re right. I guess I just wanted to cry about it. I prepared my Computer and now I will just re-install which is supposed to maintain most of my stuff but if doesn't it will just give me something to do. If that don't work I'll just gut the thing and put in another CPU, Motherboard, and new RAM. I have a SSD drive and I'll just zero that outand make sure it's healthy. Thanks for the reply, it's always nice to have someone tell you "It's ok just go for it" Thanks again.



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Let us know how it goes.



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If you do chose to reinstall and would like to save a little time on backup, perform a clean install without formatting. This will still completely reinstall Windows, but your old installation will be moved to C:/windows.old where you can go and move anything you want over to your new installation (all your personal files, etc). Then you can go into the old program files folder and voila, a complete list of the programs you had, now you can install whichever ones you'd like from an installation source. Once you have finished with that, run Disk Cleanup as an administrator and remove "Previous Windows Installations".

also I'd suggest downloading Microsoft Security Essentials as your AV program and using MalwareBytes on occasion to make sure nothing has slipped past real time protection. Your computer will already will be configured to defrag automatically, but I'd recommend following this tutorial to help keep your computer clean and running smooth:

Following thia advice will lead to a better experience overall, especially down the road. These methods and the ones posted by others above all work together as a preventative measure to avoid the same thing happening again in the future.

Hope this helps :)

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