Something keeps turning on "Auto-hide the taskbar" in my Control Panel

At random times, usually daily, something goes into my Contol Panel in "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" and checks the box,"Auto-hide the taskbar". I notice this when suddenly my taskbar disappears while I am doing other work. I go into the Control Panel and uncheck it, but hours or maybe days later, it will get checked by something again. And I have to repeat the procedure.

Now to add insult to injury, when it does this, it also goes into the Control Panel, and into the "Personalization" section. While there, it unselects the "Landscape" theme that I had previously selected, and my default ASUS desktop suddenly theme appears.

Today, it did this twice in about an hour. It seems to bother only these two settings. Any ideas.


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It's sometimes problematic. It could be a malware, I suspect it, check that, but it could also be an issue with your video card. If malware check with, say, Malwarebytes, doesn't produce results, you could try to unistall - reinstall your video card stuff, all of it, preferably with Revo Uninstaller. These drivers come with a lot of stuff. Then, reinstall - you could try with the original drivers.

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