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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by stevenfost, Sep 16, 2014.

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    Ran into a issue i cant figure out. for about a month now at random times when i try to click on a icon on my desktop or the start menu nothing happens. Only way around this is if i push Ctrl Alt del then click cancel then i can click a program to run. for example when it acts up and i like to use fire fox it wont start, its not even trying to load.
    never ran into a issue like this before, ran a virus scanner and came up clean. i know i can try a fresh start with windows and its about time i guess just like to try to figure this out in case it ever happens again

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    Sometimes these problems occur if you have a Screen Capture program running - it locks the screen.

    On some occasions, the programs we are really supposed to lean on, Antivirus etc. cause these issues.

    1. Turn off / uninstall any Screen Capture, and check, through restart - if it helps, fine.
    2. Turn off ALL security programs, restart, and check - if you have Windows' latest updates, you'll be completely safe for several hours BUT you must remember to turn them on afterwards.

    If you have several security programs, they may collide. Do give a notice of what you have in use.
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    Your icon cache could be corrupted.
    Here is a tutorial on how to rebuild icon cache.
    Use Option One. It is easiest.

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