Windows 7 Starts up to desktop, then freezes


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I have had Windows 7 since January and it has worked fine...until now.

I put my computer to sleep and went to go eat supper. When I came back, I opened the laptop up like usual but it didn't restore windows. I didn't think much of it, as it has done this a few times in the past (has something to do with the laptop open/close function). So I turned it off and restarted windows. Got to the loading screen and then logged in. When I got to the desktop, everything loaded, but it then freezes. I wish I could say WHAT froze, but I can't. Windows was running and it even told me that it froze, but I couldn't do anything...not even ctrl+alt+del. I restarted again thinking that it might be caused by the laptop thing I mentioned. Nope...keeps doing it. I am sending this from safe mode with networking functionality.

I can't really describe the way it freezes. I can still use the mouse, Windows is still running, but everything else is frozen. It LOOKS fine, but if I click on anything, it stops responding yet Windows can still tell me that something isn't just doesn't say what is not responding. My only option is to do a manual shutdown. I installed some video drivers last week, but I have been playing games just fine. I also was having some BSODs, but they are being caused by something with nwifi.sys and Flash Player.
Try uninstalling your wifi driver while in safe mode and reboot, nwifi.sys is the driver for wifi.
If that doesnt help go to the manufacturers website, download the driver for vista and set it to vista compatabilty mode, and then update the driver in the device manager with the driver you downloaded.
Right now it's using the w7 driver that may not work well with your wifi card.
Then uninstall flash and reinstall it and see if that help's.
I'll try all of that. Any idea if that has anything to do with the problem with the freezing now? I'm on my vista partition now, so it is no rush.
This may not fix it but there's no harm in running it, it's called ccleaner, it has a registry cleaner that work's very well.
Make sure it's updated then on the left it will say registry, run it and if you want to back it up you can but I never had to, run it till it find's none then reboot.
I've been using it for year's with no problem's. Run it everytime you uninstall anything, even driver's.
Here is a link for it, it's up in the right corner, Download CCleaner 2.18.878 -
As far as the freezing goes I would go into safe mode and uninstall the flash player then reboot.
You may end up reinstalling w7, if you do, save what you need.
If you reinstall over it it will create what is called windows.old, it will have pic's and other stuff in it.
When I installed mine I replaced all the driver's with vista one's for all the hardware.
I just don't know what would cause everything not to respond.
Hope this help's.
I'll try all of that. Any idea if that has anything to do with the problem with the freezing now? I'm on my vista partition now, so it is no rush.

From your problem description ( freezing soon after reboot and reaching Windows desktop) and its chronology ( following updating video driver) and the fact in another partition containing Windows VISTA using the same hardware you have no problem and similarly in Safe Mode in Windows 7 you have no "freeze up", all point to a problem Video driver. Try Restoring your Win 7 to the date prior to the Video driver Install and test whether you can stop the freeze in Win 7 normal mode.